Legal Helpers UK



"John is a dedicated individual with strong skills. He is a hard worker and would be a great asset to any Company"
Bobby Logan


Legal Helpers UK was formed in 2003 by John Stirling to help Solicitors and Financial Service companies convert their enquiries for personal injury claims and financial products into fee earning cases.

John worked as a Financial Advisor between 1989-1997 and then went on to form his own company. Trust and confidence in you is important if you want to deal with the public successfully. The Company has adapted to the scrutiny of the public (due to increased media focus) and higher industry standards.

As an agent for a solicitor or insurance broker, you facilitate their client's trust in the process. John has worked and managed agents, introducing measures to ensure that standards are met, and dealt with any issues that have arisen. The path has been difficult but the client focused approach has now led to a number of successful working relationships with different companies.

The challenge going forward will be to maintain focus and improve on those standards.


Accident management
Replacement car, Recover Costs, Compensation Personal Injury, Help Medical Treatment.

Estate Planning
Legacy Planning, Wills, Lasting Power of Attorney, Care Homes, Inheritance Tax Planning, Funeral Plans.

Solicitor Services
Initial Questionnaire, CFA Signing & Explanation and Photos...